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Welcome to CELEVITAE Medical

The practice came about with the goal of helping people to celebrate their life in the fullest way possible.

As a medical practice we believe in helping people understand the roots of their condition and to treat it in the most direct and comprehensive way. This helps to achieve the best outcome and minimize any side effects from treatment. We provide each patient with the most complete information regarding how they might have contracted their illness and the best approach to use in managing and in some cases resolving it. We believe in partnering with the patient to provide appropriate care that is in line with their goals and individual circumstances.

The Following is a List of Some of the Medical Conditions We Treat:


Acne Rosacea



Autoimmune conditions


Diabetes Mellitus






Metabolic Syndrome

Nutritional Deficiencies

We also provide general support

for a variety of health conditions, 

feel free to contact us if you would like

to know more