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Flu Shot Pros & Cons

Pros: Some good reasons to get a flu shot

  • Each year, a variety of flu shots help protect us from the viruses that are expected to cause the most significant problems that particular season.

  • One shot offers protection against three flu viruses. Another shot protects you against four flu viruses.

  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to help protect you against the flu viruses that are expected that season.* That’s why the best time to get the flu vaccine is in the fall because the flu season can start as early as October.

  • The flu season usually peaks around January and February, but people do keep getting sick through the spring. By getting your flu shot early, you’ll have a better chance for a healthier holiday season and winter.

  • Sometimes, different types of the flu virus start spreading and you may get a different version of the flu than was in your flu shot. The good news is you can still benefit from the shot and possibly have a less severe** case if you do get a different flu.

  • Flu vaccines usually protect you against the viruses in the flu shot for about a year.

  • It’s never too late – you can still get the shot in January, February, and beyond


Cons: Some things to consider

  • Do you think the flu shot might be too expensive? Well, how about this: If you’re a Humana member, it may be free depending on the Humana healthcare plan you have.

  • Many people feel they have a condition that might prevent them from getting the flu shot. For example, pregnant women may think that getting the flu shot is not safe for them. Know that there are options that might work for you, and your doctor can help you choose the right one.

  • Good news if you’re allergic to eggs: People 18 and over can get an egg-free vaccine.

  • If you’re concerned about side effects from the vaccine, don’t be! Most side effects are usually mild and short-lived - and that’s much better than getting a serious case of the flu

Call us today for any questions, CELEVITAE crew ;-)

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